Friday, July 20, 2012

Chris Barnard Maintains Solid Lead on Day 2 Laser NAs

21-year old Chris Barnard, from Newport Beach, Calif., maintained his lead and some on Day 2 of the Laser North American Championships underway at Cascade Locks, Oregon, hosted by the Columbia Gorge Racing Association. Sitting in second, Derick Vranizan is still chasing Barnard who has a firm grip on this regatta and a determination to win.

Conditions were marginally better than the first day as thunderstorms overnight left behind gray overcast skies, heavy rainfall earlier in the morning and a light breeze of 10-12 knots with the occasional blast of 18-20 hurtling down the Gorge. Four races were sailed today, for a total of seven to date.

In the Radial fleet, Canadian Isabella Bertold sits in first after a stellar day taking a 3rd and three bullets. The Canadian National Sailing Team member just missed out on making the London Olympics due to an injury so decided to take a break and do something different…like another sailing regatta. She said she’s having a great time in the Gorge racing against the younger group competing.

“They’re all very fast and it’s been lots of fun. Out on the water I’m just trying to stay loose - it was quite gusty and it was important to start at the favored end of the line. The downwinds were really hard. You had to be patient and wait for something to come to you and not panic because if you panic, you’re going to lose some boats. The downwind breeze was isolated so you had to get it first and close the gap.”

Sitting right on Isabella’s tail is Malcom Lamphere from the Lake Geneva Yacht Club. The 16-year old from Chicago is hoping for a top three finish in the regatta. “It’s going great. It’s good to have a lot of breeze as the past regattas I’ve been to have been pretty light.”

Lamphere says staying in the current upwind and staying out it of downwind has been working for him.

Day 2 in the 4.7 fleet saw lead changes in the top five, with Parker Hughes moving into third and exchanging places with Jake Cullen. Tied for first is Ford McCann, from the Texas Corinthian Yacht Club and Patrick Shanahan from the St Petersburg Yacht Club. Daniel Kendrick moved into fifth.

“Today went okay but I had a couple of problems with my third and fourth starts and just getting off the line was kind of trouble,” McCann said. “Everyone was just training down the line. I sail on Galveston Bay and not used to the current here which is pretty tricky - it helps on upwinds but no so much on downwinds.”

Just 12-years old, it’s McCann’s first North Americans and his goal is simple - first place.

It’s also 15-year old Shanahan’s first NAs in the Laser and he’s having a great time.

“I love the wind here. I did pretty well today except for on the downwinds I’d just lose it. I’d be winning some races and Ford would just pass me. I think it’s the current - I keep forgetting about it and go just a little farther then he gets inside and the current just takes me. I’d like to win but I don’t know - Ford’s sailing great too.”

Top five in the Laser Standard after Day 2:
1. Chris Barnard (sail #194180), Newport Harbor YC, 9 pts
2. Derick Vranizan (sail #196842), Seattle YC, 19 pts
3. Eric Bowers (sail #199761), Minnetonka YC, 21 pts
4. Robert Davis, (sail #200610), Kingston YC/RCYC, 22 pts
5. Evert McLoughlin (sail #194538), R Canadian YC, 33 pts

Top five in the Laser 4.7 after Day 2:
1. Ford McCann (sail #199339), TCYC, 4 pts
2. Patrick Shanahan (sail #199169), St Petersburg YC, 7 pts
3. Parker Hughes (sail #182342), TCYC, 18 T
4. Jake Cullen (sail #199716), R Van YC, 10 pts
5. Daniel Kendrick (sail #181884), Houston YC, 18 T
* TCYC - Texas Corinthian YC

Top five in the Laser Radial after Day 2:
1. Isabella Bertold (sail #198385), R Van YC, 5 pts
2. Malcom Lamphere (sail # 199796), Lake Geneva YC, 8 pts
3. Al Clark, (sail # 197053), R Van YC, 10 pts
4. Mateo Vargas (sail # 194551), St Petersburg YC/Stanford, 12 pts
5. Christine Neville (sail # 199535), 18 pts

Racing continues through Sunday. Event website:

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